Students deserve a challenge and to be praised by a teacher who believes in them and understands them.

Education & Skills

  • Classical piano training
  • Pop keyboard training
  • Classical violin training
  • Classical voice training
  • Pop voice training
  • Music theory and aural skills
  • Music history
  • Choral music
  • Conducting and directing
  • Recital experience
  • Oakland University Choral Ed and General Music Ed Program
  • 7 years of private teaching experience

About Stephanie Dubay


The ability to relate to students, hold them accountable to their work, and teaching students according to their specific needs and learning style.


I believe every child should be given the opportunity to develop creativity and self-expression through music. I'm here to provide you with a comfortable and convenient way to take private lessons. Lessons in your own home provide a familiar environment for your student. This helps them avoid distractions and lets the student be more open and receptive. With busy schedules, in-home lessons are available to save your precious time and energy, providing you lessons without all the fuss.

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